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The sea on your own private island. Enjoy this avant-garde design machine and its luxurious amenities.
Personalized and equipped according to your every desire.
Chilli Island is the indispensable complement to your yacht and villa to surprise your guests.

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CHILLI ISLAND is a must for hotels, holiday clubs and beaches around the world.
Those can spend time on the water in a super-comfortable way while listening to their own music, via bluetooth from their smartphone and all this in total privacy!
Beverages, small snacks, caps, t-shirts or waterproof boxes for smartphones can be added to the service.


Highest promotional point on brand water of high quality and innovative CHILLI iSLAND is the perfect instrument that guarantees attention and positive image transfer. The marking can range from simple marking on the palms to complete customization.
The space between the tilt zones for the brand image is the most visible space on the selfies.
Thanks to the integrated sound system, it can even play a predefined music mix with integrated advertisements and jingles.